The Azimuth Project
Steven Sesselmann


Just a few words about myself, I am a self educated scientist, engineer and entrepeneur, with a special interest in nuclear fusion and radiation detection. I like to think differently and come up with lateral solutions to problems, I am dogged and won’t let go of a problem until I have solved it.


One of the things that caught my attention a long time ago was nuclear fusion. Over the years I have built 4-5 experiments in an attempt to develop controlled self sustained fusion, and I am currently working on one now (2016).

Gamma Spectrometry

As a result of experimenting with fusion, my interest turned to radiation detection and gamma spectrometry, I discovered that spectrometry could be done a lot cheaper by using the built in sound cards in PC’s as a method of digitizing the signals from gamma detectors, so I designed a simple USB powered driver for radiation detectors that works with a PC sound card, and called it for Gammaspectacular GS-1100A. It was a great success and is now becoming standard equipment in many university physics labs. Now I also build my own detectors.

Theoretical Physics

During those long evenings sitting at home soldering circuit boards I think about the space, the Universe and matter, and over time I have come to the conclusion that physics as it is being taught today is wrong about many things. Some things were so wrong I had to sit down and attempt to correct it. What I discovered disagrees widely with well understood physics and it would fail John’s “crackpot index” but you be the judge.

I look forward to meeting new people through this group and making the world a better place.