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Experiments in ENSO modeling (Rev #2)

ENSO is the standing wave mode of the multi-year Equatorial Pacific waters.


The introductory background is here

The sloshing motion of the volume suggests that we can use conventional hydrodynamics models of volumes of water to characterize the past and potentially future ENSO behavior.

The basic idea is described in this white paper called “Sloshing Model for ENSO”

As this sloshing model evolves, this page will serve as a place to present updates.

The sloshing model is essentially a second-order wave equation with a modulation of the characteristic frequency ala the Hill or Mathieu equation.

f(t)+(a2qcos2t)f(t)=F(t) f''(t) + (a - 2q \cos{2t}) f(t) = F(t)