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Global warming (Rev #18)



This page is about anthropogenic global warming caused by carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. To see a list of reports and assessments on global warming, go to Reports and assessments. To see a list of detailed plans for dealing with global warming, and critiques of these plans, go to Plans of action.

Quick overview

For a quick overview, here are some graphs and charts. Click on them for the sources and more information.

Possible effects of various CO2 concentrations:

Stern Review graphic

Rising CO2 concentrations:

Mauna Loa CO2

Rising temperatures:

GISTEMP temperature data

Estimates of the relation between CO2 concentrations and temperatures:

CO2-temperature relation

Current CO2 concentrations compared to those over the last 400,000 years. This graph shows several glacial cycles:


The decline in Arctic sea ice:

Arctic sea ice levels

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