The Azimuth Project
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Welcome to the Azimuth Project!

The main long-term aim of Azimuth is to create a focal point for mathematicians, physicists and other scientists interested in solving ecological and technological problems. It presently consists of three parts:

  • Azimuth — a blog.

  • The Azimuth Forum — a forum for discussions and collaborative work. Click here to join the forum.

  • The Azimuth Project — this wiki. The idea is to gather reliable information on the blog and the forum and make it available here.

Want to help with the Azimuth Project? Please do! You should probably look at this:

  • How to get started?: an easy introduction to the elementary basics.

and maybe even these:

  • HowTo: how to add information to Azimuth.

  • FAQ: frequently asked questions, so far mainly about Instiki, the software this wiki runs on.