The Azimuth Project
Letter to Ludescher et al (Rev #1)

Dear Ludescher et. al,

We’re writing to you from the Azimuth project, which is a group of mathematicians, scientists and programmers working together to understand environmental problems. We have taken a great interest in your paper on El Nino prediction, which has in fact inspired a whole burst of new research participation in our group – for this alone we thank you. Here are some of the efforts this has spawned off:

  • Graham is working to reproduce your results, and has come close

  • Dara is taking a wavelet-based approach to…

  • John…

  • WebHubTel…

  • Tanzer gave a recap of your definitions in this thread…

  • Nadja is working on… By the way, she also found a definitional issue with your notation for the running means, for which we are assuming that your code is not literally implementing that notation.

We’re also interested in further developing the methodology for the ideas you introduced. Steve Wenner, WebHubTel and Hypergeometric have probed for some potential problems with the methodology in some blog posts.

So far we have the following:

  • list blog articles

  • list wiki pages

  • list discussion threads

  • pointers to code repository

We would really like to get as much feedback from you as possible on all of these ideas, especially as we hoping to further the subject with followup articles. Please contact us!

Or, even better, if you participate in our ongoing discussions, we can give you a login for our discussion forum.

Thanks again for your contribution, and hoping to hear from you,

The Azimuth Team