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Sandbox (Rev #13)

Every wiki needs a sandbox! Just click ‘Edit’ at the bottom left of the page, try stuff between the horizontal rules below (*** in the source), and hit ‘Submit’. Don’t worry about messing things up.


You can include pictures:



The easy way to do a hyperlink:

arXiv on Nishimura

The hard way, using old-fashioned <\lta href>\gt syntax:

arXiv on Nishimura

A hyperlink to a page that already exists on the Azimuth Forum:

Forum Help

A hyperlink to a page that does not:


Query boxes

An example of a ‘query box’:

Is it really true that the best way to prevent global warming is to stop drinking carbonated sodas?

test of ‘standout box’

Can’t get a standout box to work in another standalone Instiki installation (v 0.18.1). Not sure why, so same code here. Works. Ideas?

Instiki allows you to specify some CSS that gets added to each page. You need to copy this over from here to your own installation. See this post on the forum for details)

Numbered lists

  1. Here is the first item in the numbered list.

  2. Here is the second item.

  3. And here, unsurprisingly, is the third!

Math formulas

You can do TeX here quite nicely: 0 1sin(3t)t 2dt\int_{0}^{1} \sin(3t) t^2 \mathrm{d}t. For tons more, visit the nLab

Numbered equations

This is the first equation (ever):

(1)1+1=2. 1+1 = 2 \,.

What you have just witnessed was equation number (1). It’s all downhill from here, folks.


This is a stack:

Ω {{ \int} \atop {\Omega}}

(of symbols, that is).

Quotes containing equations

Here is a quote followed by some math mode

E=mc 2E = m c^2

To make the math mode part of the quote, it should be followed immediately by a following quote.

Even if it is a blank quote line

E=mc 2E = m c^2

Actually, looking at the source then the maths doesn’t get included in the blockquote.

Physical, chemical and geographical data


url with ()

Colony collapse disorder

  • reference to journal

: quote from that journal

  • reference to journal

quote from that journal

  • reference to journal

    quote from that journal

  • reference to journal

What happens here?

quote from that journal

Let’s have lots of quotes!

This is an example of the all-new special quote environment.

This is the old style quote environment.

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