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This page is about anthropogenic global warming, warming caused by addingCO 2CO_2carbon emissions to and the other atmosphere, greenhouse gases. To see e.g. a list of reports and assessments on global warming, go to Carbon Reports cycle and assessments . This To page see should a become list an of overview detailed plans for dealing with links global warming, and critiques of these plans, go to more specialized pages.Plans of action.

Reports Quick and overview Assessments

To For see a list quick of overview, reports here are some graphs and assessments charts. Click on global them warming, for go the to sources and more information.Reports and assessments.

Plans of Action

Possible effects of various CO2 concentrations:

To see a list of detailed plans for dealing with global warming, and critiques of these plans, go to Plans of action.

Rising CO2 concentrations:

Rising temperatures:

Estimates of the relation between CO2 concentrations and temperatures:

Current CO2 concentrations compared to those over the last 400,000 years. This graph shows several glacial cycles:

The decline in Arctic sea ice:

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