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Welcome to the Azimuth Project!

The main long-term aim of Azimuth is to create a focal point for mathematicians, physicists and other scientists interested in solving ecological and technological problems. It presently consists of three parts:

  • Azimuth — a blog. This blog is currently run byJohn Baez, but he would like to find a team of compatible co-bloggers.

  • The Azimuth Forum — a forum for discussing things related to this Azimuth business.

  • The Azimuth Project — this wiki. The idea is to gather reliable information on the blog and the forum and make it available here.

Here are a few stubby articles just to get things started:

  • HowTo: how to add information to Azimuth

  • FAQ: frequently asked questions, so far mainly about Instiki, the software this wiki runs on.