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Robert Smart lives in Sydney, Australia. A frequent contributor to the Azimuth, he also runs his own blog, Gramp’s Grumps. On the Azimuth Forum he is rks.

Robert retains an “I wish I understood that” interest in mathematics after his mathematics education (M.Sc. University of Sydney, including Category Theory by Saunders MacLane [Summer School] and Max Kelly) was derailed by too much Bridge, among other things. Spent following 35+ years in the computer industry, including 20+ at CSIRO in various support and research roles. Currently developing a workflow system to run on Google’s App Engine (python+javascript), developing yet another programming language in reaction to all the annoying features of the many programming languages he has used, trying to keep track of the Peak Oil slow motion economic crash, helping look after grandsons, and too much other stuff.

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