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Here is an index of library pages that need to be created or developed. It includes can list serve as a focal point for volunteer writing efforts. There are lists of unwritten articles, stub stubs, articles, and incomplete articles. Once an article is deemed sufficiently to developed, be “sufficently” written, it can be removed from these this lists index. and Also added remember to include useful articles in the index for theAzimuth Library.

Please: Useful activities:

  • Add entries to here these lists for articles that you deem to be important and relevant to Azimuth.

  • For Create stubs for articles on the unwritten list, list. create stubs, and move them to the stub list

  • Work Develop to develop stubs into incomplete articles, articles. and incomplete articles into developed articles (while updating the index here appropriately)

  • Help Develop to bring the indexes up to date, by surveying the articles currently on the wiki and adding entries to the list of stubs and incomplete articles into developed articles.

  • Let’s aim to bring this index up to date and keep it up to date.

Unwritten articles

  • Sierra Club?
  • Paris Climate Treaty?

Stub articles

Incomplete articles

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