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The Azimuth Project is a wiki for scientists and engineers who want to help save the planet. The Azimuth Forum is a bit different. It’s a forum for people to:

  • discuss work in progress on the Azimuth Project,

  • engage in collaborative research, and

  • decide on Azimuth policies.

Anyone can read the Azimuth Forum, but to write comments there you must apply for membership. This one-time application process involves a number of steps. For instructions, please see the Forum Help.

How To

The Azimuth Forum has a bunch of tabs on top. To see the latest discussions on the forum, click the tab Discussion. Reading some discussions is a good way to get a feel for what’s going on.

The list of discussion topics may seem intimidatingly long. But the only time you really need to read an old discussion in the Forum is when you make an interesting change in the Azimuth Project wiki. Every wiki page should have a corresponding discussion in the Forum with the same title. You can find it by clicking the tab Search and typing in the title. Then: please describe the change you’ve made by adding a comment to the relevant discussion.

If you create a new page, please start a new discussion with the same title. You can do this by clicking Start a new discussion over on the left of the Azimuth Forum. When you start a discussion, you need to pick a category. Please pick Latest changes if you’re starting a new page.

There are other categories for other kinds of discussions. To see them all, click the tab Categories. For example, if you want to ask a question, choose the category Questions. If you want to pass on some interesting news or information about the environment or energy issues, choose News and Information. And so on…

When you post a comment to the Azimuth Forum, you have a choice (visible below your comment when you’re writing it) between Text and Markdown+Itex. We strongly recommend the latter. That lets you do all sorts of fancy stuff on the Forum just like you can here on the Azimuth Project. For example, you can create clickable links.

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