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The Azimuth Library is the section of the Azimuth Wiki where you can find clearly presented, accurate, and up-to-date information on the issues affecting our planet.

The big problems facing the planet

Our planet faces a complex set of environmental and technological problems, including but not limited to:

  • Global warming - human caused climate change.
  • Extinction - mass die-offs caused by global warming and habitat changes.
  • Deforestation - loss of primary and secondary forests.
  • Ocean acidification - rise in ocean acidity due to rising CO2.
  • Dead zones - large areas of the ocean that can’t support life.
  • Water crisis - drawdowns in aquifers and freshwater supplies.
  • Peak oil - the decline in the availability of oil as an energy source.

Topic overviews

Each of the following topics has a list of associated articles and references:

  • Action plans - plans for saving the planet, and our summaries and critiques.
  • Biodiversity - information on biodiversity and the how to prevent the mass extinction that could be underway.
  • Carbon - everything related to carbon emissions and carbon dioxide.
  • Climate - information on climate physics, climate prediction and climate change.
  • Earth science - information on Earth science.
  • Ecology - understanding how ecosystems work and how humans interact with them.
  • Energy - information on the technology and economics of energy.
  • Oceans - the oceans, the many roles they play, and problems such as ocean acidification and dead zones.
  • Members - members of the Azimuth Forum.
  • Natural resources - information about fresh water, oil, phosphorus, etc.
  • Organizations - organizations you should know if you’re a scientist or engineer who wants to save the planet.
  • People - people you should know know if you’re a scientist or engineer who wants to save the planet.
  • Reports - reports on climate change and energy issues, and our summaries and critiques.
  • Software - software related to climate, environmental and energy issues.
  • Methodology - scientific and engineering methodologies that are relevant to the grand goal of saving the planet.
  • Things to do - things you can do here.
  • Visualisation - cool graphs, charts and pictures.

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