The Azimuth Project
Azimuth moderation guidelines and rules

The following code of conduct is intended to ensure that Azimuth remains a collegial organization for the advancement of science; that we continue to maintain scientific credibility; that we not devolve into a toxic area for fighting.

General principle: Keep the focus on math and hard science - while leaving some room for broader discussions.

Out of bounds:

  • Tendentious use of the forum for exogenous goals
  • Obvious things like illegal material, copyright infringement, and sexual content
  • Insulting, offensive or demeaning communications
  • Hate speech, supremacism, etc.
  • Partisan politics
  • Sectarianism
  • Theologizing
  • Trolling against evidence-based scientific consensus, e.g., flat-earth theorization, evolution denial, climate change denial, conspiracy theories about modern medicine
  • Meta-discussions about the rules (except for simple points of clarification)

Other guidelines:

  • Cognizance of the crackpot index
  • In case of unrestrained provocation, trolling or crackpotism - when attempts at moderation and warning do not work - the membership is subject to cancellation.

Notes: Of course politics and spirituality are important. There are many other places to engage with them. Here we need to maintain a clear and uncharged environment for scientific inquiry and collegial discussion.