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Blog - Exploring climate data (part 5)

A few years ago I posted a map of average 2011 temperatures on my blog, using the then novel HTML 5 canvas shading:

By 2012, local technology had moved on. With XMLHTTPRequest I could post lots of data - I showed the current century of monthly temps here. And with WebGL, I showed here how shading and speed could be improved, basically with use of the GPU. At the time, I didn’t know how to integrate that properly with other Javascript code that I use.

I’ve been working on all those things. I’ll post again about my WebGL learning, but I can make it do what I used to do in JS with HTML 5, and much faster. I’ve now uploaded all months, annual averages for all years back to 1881, and also decadal averages. You can access them from the panel on the right; details below.

WebGL makes possible Google-Earth style navigation, but I’ve kept as well the older style, where you can click on a flat map to find a point to centre the projection. It’s fast now, and keeps the orientation right.