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Calvin Lau

Hi. My name is Calvin Lau, and I’m currently a 2nd year PhD student at UCI studying computational plasma physics. So, I’ll probably be mostly contributing to computational pages or fusion energy pages.

I have experience with the programming languages and software you might expect from a scientist (Fortran, IDL, MatLab), but my current language-obsession is Python and CUDA (based on C++). Python, because of just how easily it can be picked up and taught to others, is something I preach and teach to my friends. CUDA is more of a foresight move for the future GPU-based supercomputers I assume I will be handling.

I also maintain a healthy interest in lots of other topics in addition to nuclear fusion and programming: nonlinear and chaotic dynamics, fluid mechanics, self-organized criticality, social physics (like psychohistory from the Asimovian universe), and so on.

Some of my laziest works can be found on my page:

I also try to write up the things I think may be helpful for new computational research students (ie. I post up the things I learn) on this blog (but I do have my own projects that keep me from writing too much):