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CarboEurope-IP is trying to understand and measure quantify the present terrestrial carbon balance of Europe and the associated uncertainty at local, regional and continental scales. It’s a consortium consisting of 61 institutes from 17 European countries, plus about 30 other partners within Europe and further collaborating institutes outside Europe. The project is coordinated by the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry in Germany:

Quoting from its own statement, its goals are to:

  • determine the European carbon balance with its spatial and temporal patterns

  • understand the controlling processes and mechanisms of carbon cycling in European ecosystems and how these are affected by climate change and variability and human management

  • develop an observation system to detect changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations and ecosystem carbon stocks related to the European commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

CarboEurope emerged as a cluster of European projects in 2000. Since then, it consolidated an interdisciplinary research community in the fields of different ecosystems, atmosphere, measurements and modelling. The CarboEurope-IP bundles and expands on these earlier projects and allows for the first time a harmonised and consistent gathering of data and integration of space and time scales.


The CarboeuropeIP Ecosystem Component Database makes available to the scientific community eddy covariance? carbon, water and energy fluxes measured at the european eddy covariance sites. The data are quality controlled and standardized:

However, I’ve been unable to access the data. — John Baez