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Climate Outreach and Information Network

Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) is a UK charity formed in 2004 to directly engage the public about climate change. COIN aims to inspire lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour through the use of innovative action learning methods and by assisting people to communicate their own messages to their peers.

The following is quoted from their Governance:

Mission statement

“Enabling people to move from awareness to action on climate change”

Aims and techniques

  • COIN seeks to inspire change.

  • We pioneer the creation of a sustainable and exciting low carbon future.

  • We aim to create a narrative of climate change which is both positive and optimistic.

  • COIN believes that climate change is not just an environmental issue. Everyone has a contribution to make.

  • COIN prioritises working with sectors of society who are not already engaged. We recognise the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all who may be involved in this journey. We believe that people learn most effectively from their peers. We aim to enable those we work with to take action and inspire change within their own communities.

  • COIN delivers workshops, sets up action groups and encourages different types of collective action. We work in an innovative and collaborative way, embracing up-to-date and energising approaches.

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