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Image analysis and computer vision

Image analysis and computer vision


Images – predominantly 2-D arrays of “information from the ray passing through” – are a commonly available information resource these days. Various automatic analyses of these images are available, and more are being developed, which can extract useful information about the would captured by the image. Some of these analyses and information can be useful for environmental monitoring and analysis.


The basic principle behind image formation is that an array of sensors of some sort collect information about the ray falling through some focussing element onto the sensor. The ray can be visible light, infrared light or a synthetic ray, eg, when viewing radar returns as a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image. This array of values can be analysed automatically in various ways to determine both exact inferences about the would (eg, computing the area of the earth with a given kind of vegetative cover from satellite photos) or approximate inferences (eg, attempting to estimate wind velocity fields from various kinds of satellite images). The analysis of images is an active research area.


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