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Mathematics and Climate Research Network

The Mathematics and Climate Research Network or MCRN is an NSF?-funded organization of researchers in mathematics and the geosciences.

According to their website:

It is generally accepted in the scientific community that the world is undergoing a significant change in its climate. The issues and problems of the science that seeks to understand the Earth’s climate, and how it is changing, have a significant mathematical dimension. The Mathematics and Climate Research Network (MCRN) is a virtual organization of leading researchers in mathematics and geosciences whose mission is to establish a new area of applied mathematics tailored to the needs of climate research.

The network consists of researchers at “nodes” across the US, together with several collaborating government and university labs and centers in the US and beyond. Network researchers have a collective expertise that cuts across the relevant areas of applied mathematics and climate science. They will collaboratively lead a group of postdoctoral research fellows, graduate and undergraduate students to create a cadre of strong mathematicians with the interdisciplinary expertise required to analyze problems that have their origin in climate issues.

The director is Chris Jones from UNC Chapel Hill and Warwick University. The co-directors are Hans Kaper from Georgetown University and Argonne National Laboratory and Mary Lou Zeeman from Bowdoin College. The assistant director is Mark Phillips from UNC Asheville.

MCRN research topics include:

  • Climate Process Modeling
    • Sea ice, climate, and multiscale composites
    • Ice sheet modeling
    • Water vapor feedback
  • Dynamics of Climate
    • Paleoclimate dynamics
    • Climate feedback mechanisms
    • Abrupt climate change
  • Data Analysis and Data Assimilation
    • Analysis of historical climate data
    • Data assimilation in weather and climate
    • Data assimilation in nonlinear fast/slow systems

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