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Patrick McLaren

Hi there! I’m currently studying mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Boston at the undergraduate level. Originally from Darwin, Australia, I relocated to New England to place myself amongst other eager young minds.

I’ve spent time as a web developer, mainly Ruby on Rails. Lately, I’ve been developing what I essentially consider Network Theory (I discovered Network Theory after the fact), with applications in Machine Learning and Financial Engineering. I also fool around with Chrome Extensions, and Android Applications.

I’m keenly interested in limiting adverse effects of change. Personally, I consider climate change and technological change to be the two of the most imminent risks to humanity.

Languages: C, C++ (limited), Ruby, Python, Javascript, and HTML/CSS. Lisp, kind of.

Mathematics: Standard Undergraduate exposure, in addition to Computational Algebraic Geometry (I understand a little, I care for even less), Algebraic Topology (still piecing the underlying ideas together).

Note: I enjoy working with individuals who apply a healthy dose of seriousness, and express a plentiful amount of happiness and sincerity in all that they do.


I would love to study invariants of dynamical systems using Network Theory, and some relevant homotopy theory (a theory pioneered by Reinhard Laubenbacher1 seems to be the most likely candidate). However, I’m still a small fry, so I’ll get there when I get there.

The n-pov seems to be an appropriate point of view in many situations, in my opinion. However, I have quite a shallow understanding of Category Theory, at the present. Yet I cannot deny my interest in the theory.

I’m currently spending my spare time approaching quantum mechanics, in an attempt to uncover some of the understanding that John Baez presents in his Rosetta Stone2.