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This page lists detailed plans of action for tackling global warming and other environmental problems. For some we have links to summaries and critiques of these plans. Later we will write comparisons of these plans, highlighting areas of agreement and disagreement. The ultimate goal is to develop a plan of our own, Plan C.

See also Reports. Roughly speaking, ‘reports’ analyze problems while ‘plans of action’ suggest solutions. However, the borderline is a bit fuzzy.

These are action plans the Azimuth Project currently considers to be the highest priorities:

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Global action plans

National and continental action plans

In this report, McKinsey & Company offers a detailed analysis of the magnitude of the efficiency potential in non-transportation uses of energy, a thorough assessment of the barriers that impede the capture of greater efficiency, and an outline of the practical solutions available to unlock the potential.

The research shows that the U.S. economy has the potential to reduce annual non-transportation energy consumption by roughly 23 percent by 2020, eliminating more than $1.2 trillion in waste – well beyond the $520 billion upfront investment (not including program costs) that would be required. The reduction in energy use would also result in the abatement of 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions annually – the equivalent of taking the entire U.S. fleet of passenger vehicles and light trucks off the roads.

Such energy savings will be possible, however, only if the United States can overcome significant sets of barriers. These barriers are widespread and persistent, and will require an integrated set of solutions to overcome them – including information and education, incentives and financing, codes and standards, and deployment resources well beyond current levels.

City action plans

  • The 21 October 2010 edition of Nature has a section on cities and sustainability.

  • The World Mayors Council on Climate Change is an alliance of committed local government leaders advocating an enhanced recognition and involvement of Mayors in multilateral efforts addressing climate change and related issues of global sustainability.

  • The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group connects more than 75 of the world’s greatest cities, representing 550+ million people and one quarter of the global economy.

  • Copenhagen: In CPH 2025, Copenhagen aims to become carbon-neutral by 2025.

  • Chicago: The Chicago Climate Action Plan aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2030.

  • New York: The New York City Carbon Challenge - During Climate Week 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio committed to reduce New York City’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% below 2005 levels by 2050, becoming the largest city at this time to commit to an “80 by 50” goal.

  • Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Climate Change Strategy 2007

  • The Bristol Food Network is a project to build a sustainable food system in Bristol, UK.

  • Birmingham (UK): Birmingham is one of the largest local authorities in Europe. It is a European centre of excellence in climate change planning.

Sustainable cities

Corporate action plans

Uncertainty in climate predictions

While we stress that it is quite certain we need to do something quickly, if we are to avoid environmental problems that threaten the survival of humanity, we recognize that much of the debate about adopting a plan of action centers on questions discussed in the topic - Uncertainty in climate science. We feel it is essential for questions to be aired and addressed by both the public and scientists, so the understanding of what is needed may be advanced. It is also important for people to be mindful that scientists speak about uncertainty quite differently from the general public. While the climate community is agreed that aggressive action is needed to stave off disasters, there is no general consensus about how much good various plans of action might do. So the future remains uncertain.

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