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The Azimuth Project is an international collaboration to create a focal point for scientists and engineers interested in saving the planet. The goal is to make clearly presented, accurate information on the relevant issues easy to find, and to help people work together on our common problems.

The Big Problems

We believe the world needs saving from:

  • human-caused global warming and its social and environmental effects,

  • the ecological impact of exponential growth, and

  • unintended consequences at the intersection of man and the environment.

How Azimuth Will Help

We hope to interest students, scientists and engineers so they will help us. In order to gain their assistance, we need to first help them understand what science already knows, what this means for the world, and how they can help as individuals so that our combined efforts make success more likely.

The Azimuth Project will:

  • serve as a central departure point for access to expert knowledge for the relevant issues;

  • condense and explain knowledge so that it is easy to absorb;

  • lay out that knowledge so it is easy to navigate for reference;

  • make it easy for scientists and engineers to help;

  • help guide science towards a rational overall strategy;

  • help others learn this strategy so they understand why it’s a good one.

What You Can Find on Azimuth

In order for you to help, you need to be able to quickly learn the issues so you can figure out where you might help others and find others who can help you along the way.

So we want it to be easy for you to:

  • see the overall structure of the environmental problems we face;

  • access detailed information on all these problems;

  • learn about open questions and the research toward answers;

  • find good projects to work on;

  • find and contact the people who are working on them;

  • discuss new ideas in a friendly environment;

  • compare the merits of different strategies.

Our goal is not to replace or compete with existing sources of information, but provide a synoptic view — a bird’s-eye view — of the information that exists. Specialists already know the facts in their own speciality, but we want to make it easy for any scientist or engineer to understand the whole problem and understand specialist literature in many subjects outside their particular domain of expertise.

After all, saving the planet is perhaps the ultimate interdisciplinary problem.

That’s why we need your help. help..

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