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Composition of Perspectives (changes)

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Introductory Questions

Andrius Kulikauskas: I have started a discussion on Modeling the Composition of Perspectives. I’ll be working on that also at this wiki page. Perhaps others will be interested.

  • What is a perspective?
  • What is composition of perspectives?
  • When is composition of perspectives associative?
  • How do perspectives express knowing?

Various Possible Answers

Based on biologist Francisco Varela: A perspective is the distinctions one makes as consequence of their autonomy.

Van Bettauer: Perspectives are autonomous organizations. May 18, 2018

Andrius’s Tentative Answers

Andrius Kulikauskas: These reflect my personal thinking.

Perspectives are grounded in the notion of self, a system, that is, in the distinction between ourselves, which we know, and our world, which we don’t. Perspectives express what it means for us to go beyond ourselves, in the case where “selves” already exist, and thus we can define a spectrum of scopes of knowledge, from beyond us to within us: Why, How, What, Whether. Perspectives, as such, are also a basis for establishing equivalence, for example, between ourselves and a perspective beyond us. That equivalence is made upon identifying questions Why? How? What? Whether? with their answers Why! How! What! Whether!

Relevant Readings and Ideas


Francisco Varela


Relevant Concepts in Category Theory