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My Background

I am currently an MSc student in the Mathematics Department at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. My background is mainly in Applied Mathematics with a lot of influence from Physics, Pure Mathematics, Philosophy, and a brief excursion into graduate studies in Economics.

My Connection to Sustainability

I am very interested in applying mathematics and physics to issues related to environmental science and sustainability, and I am redirecting my career so as to have a close connection to the science behind the understanding and remediation of some of these issues. Of the many avenues to approach this, I feel mostly inclined towards the field of photovoltaics, and I plan on starting a second MSc/PhD in this area later this year. The idea is to apply modelling and theoretical methods towards higher efficiency/reduced production costs for silicon substrate cells.

It was very encouraging to find Azimuth. The possibility of having a community of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and many other professions working together and applying their knowledge towards issues in sustainability is really amazing and highly motivating! I hope that as I enter this new phase of my career I can contribute to the development of Azimuth and do whatever little I can to ameliorate the environmental crisis we are facing.