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Physical, chemical and geographical data (changes)

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The World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases

The WDCGG is one of the World Data Centers under the GAW programme. It serves to gather, archive and provide data on greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, CFCs, N2O, surface ozone, etc.) and related gases (CO, NOx, SO2, VOC, etc.) in the atmosphere and ocean, as observed under GAW and other programs.

NCAR’s Climate Data Guide.

This has links to major climate-related data sets along with documents describing how to use them.


This is a DOE?-funded project that is supposed to provide a web-based workflow for non-researchers to access climate and analyze climate data. Nothing released so far, but potentially something to keep an eye on.

Kaye and Laby

Tables of physical and chemical constants constants.

NIST Chemistry WebBook

National Institute of Standards and Technology - thermochemical data, enthalpy and free energy of reactions, IR spectra spectra, etc.

CIA World Factbook

Maps, country guides guides, and so on.

The World Bank

Over 2,000 indicators from World Bank data sets.


Is there some way to have an indexed/searchable list of more specific sources of data that people have used in their researches? For example, there may be several useful references to the exothermic reactions of carbon dioxide with olivine and serpentine and it would be handy to have these together in one place. Or, as another example, the list of atomic weights on wikipedia.

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