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I have an M.Sc in computer science and systems engineering. I’ve been working in the IT sector for the major part of my professional life, focusing on applied industrial research. When I was employed at Ericsson I co-founded and managed their Media Lab in from 1994 and collaborated a lot with MIT and Stanford research centers: MIT’s Media Lab, and Stanford CSLI of Google algorithm fame.

The last 10 years I’ve been on five web or internet startups of which I’ve co-founded two. During this time I have developed a huge interest in environmental issues and doing that through low-intensity blogging. Now I can spend more time on this and also realize that concerted efforts will have more impact, and that’s why Azimuth fits well.

Here I used a short demo by the founder of Sage, William Stein, to compress the original on the right to 11 eigenvalues in Singular Value Decomposition, to compress it to 7% on the image on the left:


I have an unhealthy interest in computational science in general and in particular number theory and computational music. Which I hope will be of use in methods and software issues. Right now I am reading Prosperity withhouth without growth . It looks very prommising promising !

Since I started my career I’ve also always been following non-linear science – chaos, cellular automata, pattern formation — and how it can be applied to environmental problems. Also I think that agent-based modeling will be more prominent in both environmental and socio-economic modeling, so I am also trying to stay updated in those fields.

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